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                           Destination Guide:  Trinidad.  

       Coming to Trinidad you will end up in Chaguaramas. This is the best place in the Caribbean to do boat repairs and get spare parts. There are several marinas to choose from but they are very busy so if you want to store the boat here or get on the dry for a long time you should email a boatyard in advance and ask for availability. We recommend Power Boats since they have the best facilities. They also have a bar, a restaurant and a supermarket on the lot. You can wash your own clothes here and showers & bathrooms are more than adequate.

     The main city is 30 minutes away by bus but is not a safe place to wander around. You can ask in the reception of your marina where it is safe to do shopping but should never go there after dark. The busses (yellow stripes) are cheap and stop outside power boats almost every 15 minutes. 'Jesse James' (ch68) runs a taxi company and has great trips to the cities fruit market and all kind of other excursions. If you are going to the airport either to pick up crew or leaving yourself he is the person to contact. In Chaguaramas there is a morning net (Ch 68). Since there always are a lot of boats here the net can be quite interesting. Remember if you are selling something that you can not mention a price, always say it is for trade because the customs are monitoring this channel and it is illegal in T&T to buy or sell items like this.  It is possible to anchor in the bay but Chaguaramas has a lot of good moorings. They might be busy so inquire/book in advance. (Contact Hanna)

We found Customs and Immigration to be professional and nice. They handle a lot of cruisers so they know exactly what to do. It might take a little time though since they still use paper and pen instead of computers. Make sure that you bring the whole crew ashore when clearing in, they do not accept that the captain comes alone.

If you are from Scandinavia there is a Monday morning coffee club at Power Boats. This meeting is hosted by 'HannaByTheBay' who is the representative for SXK (Swedish). She will help you with any request or question you might have.  Another Swede in Chaguaramas is Trinidad Rigging. We bought a roler furling here and got help sowing sails to go with it.


For more first hand information please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. To get information in Norwegian please contact Kjell

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