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Written by: Adriana Isabel Bermeo


       I left Puerto Ayora on August 30 to go to Isabela Island on the famous Spetakkel, the trip was wonderful, even it was at night so I couldn’t see anything, just feeling how the boat was moving a lot and me… getting a big headache, so I went to sleep.

-“It would take more than 8 hours”-   that’s what Kjell had told me and I couldn’t believe him, but it was true (14), I was really scared and almost died.

The next 5 days that I was in the boat was the best part of my trip, living with diverse people from different cultures and countries like Norway, Canada, Australia, and with my   friend from Ecuador, all of them were really kind, we were drinking and eating some ‘’Rapiditos’’ (a kind of noodles), listening music or the typical Daryl’s phrase: What!!!,   Kjell singing, taking care of the boat, and of course the best part: trying to get into the dingy jajaja.  One night Kjell, Danny and me went to town and all of as got wet and I didn’t bring more clothes so I was walking in town without my pants, jaja we were laughting for more than 1 hour, all that fun and more you can get with this extraordinary  boys.  

I can’t believe that we were 5 people on the boat with all our bags and things that we have gotten here in Galapagos but I knew that Spetakkel always has a place for friends, for fun, for love, for everything…

Thanks Kjell and Daryl for help Danny and me, we will always remember you.

Adri Bermeo

Cuenca - Ecuador





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