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What does Trafficated mean?



The infamous Atomic 4 Gasoline engine from the early 70'ties.          

 New: Ten times the engine would not start  / Old: Ten good reasons to change the engine.



Nr Date/ Where What happened? / Solution Picture.
10 Jan.06 - Taravao, Tahiti Would not start, Ignition broken again. Had to Jump start with cable. (situation now)
9 Des.05 - Taravao. Carburetor flooded 2 min before we were going in the reef entrance after two terrible days at sea. - Pulled out carb in record time, freed the float and put it together again in world record time ;-)
8 Nov.05 - Marquesas A hole in the top 'guided' the salt water into the pistons. Salt water in the oil, exhaust and in the carburetor?. - Used liquid steel and a screw to hold it in place. After two attempts it worked? (Paul is a genius). Bigger wonders has probably happened but i don't know them, the engine started again???
7 Okt.05 - Pacific crossing Out of power in the middle of the pacific. Ignition broke. Had to Jump start with wires.
6 Sept.05 - Galapagos No compression in one cylinder. - Took the top off, sanded down top and flew inn new seal from Ecuador. Cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, it worked. 
5 May.05 - Panama Stopped in the midst of the ocean? - Finally not the engines fault because we had a garbage bag in the propeller. It actually happened twice?.
4 April.05 - Isla Margarita The engine stopped half a mile from the 'good anchorage' but why complain it was close enough to anchor. (pic) - Found a pice of Plastic in the carburetor fuel injector.
3 April.05 - St. Lucia Would not start when leaving the harbor. We sailed out and hoped it would start upon arrival in Los Testigos and it did.
2 April.05 - St. Lucia Engine stopped in the middle of nowhere. We had to sail four hours past the destination to turn back and miss it by one mile. I had to dive in with a rope to secure us to a buoy. We never found the reason but it started one week later.
1 March.05 - Trinidad Engine would not start on land. Changed the ignition rotor and adjusted ignition.


So Why do i still have this engine?. Why have i not installed a new one and used this one as a mooring instead?.

     The reason is simple, A new engine is expensive. In Tahiti where i had time to change it was to over the top expensive. I am now hoping to change it in Fiji. Time will show.

Kjell Otto Stave

   Copyright 2004. Kjell Otto Stave. All Rights Reserved.