CANADA 2000          

In 2000 me and my friend Erik went to Canada to see my very good friend Tim.

Tim and i had met in Bulgaria a few years earlyer and he had been to Norway      

to hook up with me again so it was my turn to visit..


Tim and i share a few common interestes and one of them beeing travel he

was not going to let us rot in Calgary, not that i have enything against the city,

but when i am traveling i like to see as much as possible. Tim took us on an

incredible road trip from Calgary to Banff, to a lake to meet up with some

girls and then to incredible Whistler Resort. In total well over 2000 Km.

All in all a Great vacation.   Go Canada...


I really wantet to write down the storyes behind all the pictures but i'll leave that for later.