Amsterdam / N.Y / Trinidad & Tobago 2004

                                                                                  This page is  in english so all the nice people we met on this trip can get their greetings..


Amsterdam was a nice place, we stayed at a very, very cheap hotel and diddent spend much money there. The first day we went to seen the infamous Red light district and went to a Coffe shop. The next day we went on an 3 hour guided tour of amsterdam on bike. It was worth it, wo got to learn a little about the history of the city and other funny fact like: There are 800.000 people in amsterdam and 1,2 million bikes?,.And what are the canals for?



This Monument is the symbol of "world Peace" that used to hang in WTC.

It was found in the ruins and put up in Battery park as a temporary memorial.

New York in 47 hours is not possible... We sure tryed but had to give up early the second day. The city is just too big. We got to see  where Arnes's father used to live in brooklyn, walk over brooklyn bridge, sit in battery park, walk central park, see the empire state building, the 5 avenue church, trumph building, the library, the stock exchange, ride the subway, eat at hooters, eat subway, walk on wall street, walk on broadway, stand on times square and sleep in a cheezy hotel. and much much more...


                 Trinidad & Tobago.


On trinidad we spendt most of our time at Power boats in charaguamas. From there we made 2 and 3 day trips to chacachikare, scotland bay and to Tobago. We really wanted to sail to Tobago but diddent really have enough time so when we foud out that a ticket was 18$ US the choice was simple.         





A special greeting to these people.

Mr Kofi Anan. Simon. Maurissa. Chris. Daniella.
Watched our boat and dingy whenever we were needed it You are a great person, thanks for the beers. Thank you for excellent breakfast. Keep in Touch! The owner of the restaurand with the best king fish...

I would also like to send a special thank you to the girls in the office and to Hanna for alle the help too, dont have a picture but thx enyhow...



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