Summer 2001.

Last update: dec.10. 2002

Austin Tx, ----> New York.

 In March 2001 i left my home of Norway to take a year off to explore USA.

Meny people fantasice about driving across USA, but i didden't. I went to Austin in Texas and started working at a Catering company. My friend Sherri whom i had met i Bulgaria several years earlyer was the staffing manager there so getting a job was easy, now i had to not dissapoint her since she was beeing so nice to me.

while working i met Lori and Tara who was going to drive in a big circle starting in Columbus, Ohio. To make a long story shorter, me and lori hooked up, i gave away my car and joined her for the next 6000 miles or so.

Some Distances:

  • Austin, Texas to Los Angeles:     2000 miles     or   3200  kilometers
  • Los Angeles to Seattle:               1200 miles     or   2000  kilometers
  • Seattle to New York:                 3400 miles     or   5500  kilometers

This is what the America mep says, of course we diddent always take the short route and we had detours so the grand total is probobly much much more...

But Lori's car did a great job and never let us down, exept for the x*Z>** window who got stuck a couple of times and the cd player of course.

A dream come true?
Here is a very small collection of the pictures taken during this trip. I am not even going to try and explain how fun, educational or inspiering this trip was to me cause it is simply not possible.

In Texas i met two girls that rocked my world...

Six Flags in San antonio Texas. Summer 2001:
At work in Austin (Texas) i met two Ohian girls who was travelling the states by car. For some reason it suddelny made sence to give my (pice of shit) car to my best friend Sherri, quit my job and join these girls on their way to the 'west?'...


Me, Lori and Tara with our pretty

"we live in a tent haicuts"

Grand Canyon. Summer 2001:
 Here we proved the theory that people that dont plan or prepere enything usually are just as well off as the 'normal' people who actually have a plan?, the campground in the village in grand anyon has been packed for a month and the wait to camp there is somthing like 60 days but we drove straight up to the counter, met a man who had two sites and 10 min. and 8 bucks later we had a campsite.

Life is good :)

Yes i am excited??.

Las Vegas, Nevada. Summer 2001:
A life long dream has come true, i dont think the girls ever knew how much it ment to me to come to the city of sin. The rest of my vacation will be a great bonus.

Sadly this is the last stop for Tara, her old work called and offered her the old job back and with her savings (70$) she really never had a choice.

We missed you a LOT...


The seamans church in San Fransisco was great.

San Fransisco,CA. Summer 2001:
Me and lori stayed in San Fransisco for about three weeks, we met Loris friend from old times and my family Bert&Lullo. Lori worked on the warf while i sat around and got fat.

The picture is taken at the Norwegian seamans church where i got to read Norwegian newspapers and eat Norwegian food.

A Great day...


Justin Brooks.

Sun Valley,Idaho. Summer 2002:
In Idaho we caught up with my friend Justin who let us stay at his place for as long as we wanted! (great Guy). It is funny cause the last and first time i met Justin was on vacation in Bulgaria in 98. He stayed in me and my Canadian friends apartement. Even though he only stayed for 3 or 4 days we tied a very strong bond that probably will last forever...



Thank you for a wonderful time. Atlantic City was the best of times.

New York. Summer 2002:
In New York i met some distant family for the first time and Lisa. I was surprised to learn that lisas father was Norwegian. Small world i guess. Meeting the family was also great. My dads unckles,aunts, grandsomthing i dont really understand was a riot. If i can i will most definitly wisit her again. Tina and her husband (now) was also great. Hope to c'ya again some time.


World Trade Center....

No Comment, ...              

New York. Everyone knows the date.: