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For obvious reasons Darryl normally takes care of the letters in English but since this page is getting more and more Trafficated and I understand that many of my English speaking friends are frequent readers I thought I would write a little bit about how I am doing...

I am doing great!!!. We are constantly getting into trouble and shit happens all the time but we have found that stress doesn’t solve anything and are dealing with each problem very very calmly. Like for instance this Friday when the motor wouldent start. (again).  We drained all three batteries and now we don’t even have power to try and start it with. Well this was Friday and that is a busy day here as anywhere so after trying the usual tricks we decided to enjoy the weekend instead and let engine be engine, it is not going to take off running anyway. 

Instead of spending too much time solving problems I have had fun instead. I have gotten to know most of the people at 'lemon cafe' my favorite watering hole. Not that i drink a lot but i stop by almost every night for a beer and a little conversation.   Here I met Adrianna a student who is studying tourism in the park. Together we have been on a pedal bike trip, motorcycle trip and had long walks on the beach. Saturday night we snuck into the Darwin research center park (the guard was sleeping) and sat on the beach till the sun came up. fun, fun, fun all weekend long. We are not talking marriage here but it is nice to hang out with people of the opposite sex from time to time. I have to add that I and Darryl are doing well too. We have spent the last 4 month together in a little boat and some times 24/7 for a week.  We have still not had any major arguments or fights, of course we disagree from time to time but it never takes more that two minutes before we understand each other and agree on a solution. I think that fights without solutions only appear if the people fighting is not able to look at the problem from other angles than their own and therefore the problem is the persons own attitude. 

My Spanish is coming along rather slowly, Joar taught me how to ask for directions to the bar and Darryl how to order beer and get the bill. I am doing pretty well but of course I have to pay the bill to (since I keep asking) so it is an expensive lesson. :)

Since the camera is stolen and the backup sucks down batteries like it is "water" we haven’t been able to take so many pictures as normal but I found a few. More will come later when we get a hold of a new one.  

The traffic on these pages has stabilized itself at about one hit every twenty minute. If there is anyone who has questions or want pictures of specific things please feel free to contact me. I appreciate getting emails and always answer as well as I can.


Kjell Otto Stave

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