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Kjell O. Stave


StingRay Fishing.


      The fishing book says that if you get a StingRay on the hook, gently release it and apologize to the fish gods. Well,,, that is not what my French neighbor on anchor in Tahiti said. He said they were delicious...   

Norwegians are famous for killing 'pretty looking' fish and mammals so i decided to put myself on Greepece's hate list by adding another pretty fish. Now Norwegians kill, Big (and tasty) Whales, Good looking furry baby seals and Beautiful StingRays.

How to spear a stingray:

     You Have to shoot it directly in the brain witch is located in the obvious place, just behind the eyes and in the middle. Now here comes the trick. If you take a Stingray that is too big, i would say one meter in diameter is too big and you don't kill it instantly it will take off with the spear and snap youer line. It can either take the line by force or cut it with its tale. A stingray does not only have a pointy poker on the tale it also has a razor sharp knife blade on top and bottom of the tale?. Even smaller stingrays can be dangerous when wounded, if you get too close that is. Also to penetrate the skull you have to be very, very close. I would say no more than 15 cm (6 inch) away when you pull the trigger if not you might get the same result as mentioned above. Also, don't bring it up in a rubber dingy!, it will guaranteed puncture it, even when it is dead. The smallest trembling and rattling with the tale will poke a hole right trough.  


Did i hit it good?

     No, absolutely not. I really did try to hit it good but being the first time and all i got a bit too carried away and fired too soon. This resulted in my arrow slightly missing the brain but going through the animal and locking it to my spear. I have a line of about 4 meters to the spear and i must admit the adrenaline was pumping and i was not at all sad when i reached the boat again and climbed out of the water. Swimming back with the Ray furiously trying to swim away while me dragging it was only about 30 seconds but it felt like half an hour. Every time i turned around to see how it was doing i saw i racing trough the water with its tale homing inn on me. I knew i had to get out before it realized what was at the other end of the line so to speak.


How to Prepare a StingRay

      Gently without touching it cut the tale away so you don't hurt yourself but don't throw it away. It can make for a nice souvenir or even a tool because of the shape and the sharpness. Ok, after this cut the flaps/wings away and that is what you eat. The body goes back to the fishes in the sea, or Sharks that is. Did you know that Rays are a favorite food for sharks?, the real sharks also likes ray's. hehe. After cutting the wings off you can skin them and 'voila' it is done.

Two Different kinds

      You have the spotted StingRay witch is the one i got and the one that is all black. The all black one is easier to kill because it stays on the bottom looking in the sand for long periods (5 sec) of time while you can sneak up into position. The spotted one don't stop like this and i would normally don't even try to get this one. The reason i killed a spotted one was because i had to get out of the water to get my spear gun and when i came back the black one was gone and a spotted one had taken its place, they actually tricked me. Unfortunately for the Spotted one i did not see them switch and killed it by 'mistake'...



Kjell O. Stave


'A StingRay was teasing me by swimming next to the boat every day'

'After washing'

'Before washing'

'The Hunter'


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