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What does Trafficated mean?


Kjell O. Stave


Tonga is Burning.


     Kingdom:    Tonga has been a Kingdom 'forever'  and the King is not just a figurehead here but has absolute power. Times are changing and not everything has been going the Kings way lately and the new King that just has taken over is not all that popular.



      Some Months ago the King of Tonga passed away and the people opposing the kingdom waited a few months to see if they would get a democracy now or not. After not getting what they wanted (every seat in parliament elected by the people) they revolted and started burning banks and other buildings in the capital. Unfortunately the wind was really strong and soon the entire down town was on fire. Being a little revolution and too much wind I doubt there even was an effort to extinguish it. The information is scarce but I think the government gave in and promised free elections in 2008. Now troops from Nz and Australia are here guarding the airport and some public buildings, I bet they will give a lot of rebuilding help too so if this is it for the revolution it could still be a happy ending. 8 are reported dead, may they rest in peace.   


Meeting people.

     Lately I have met a lot of new people and are really enjoying it. I even met a Norwegian couple on the sailboat Medusa. Hans and Kari was great people and how they managed to save that bottle of rum from Jamaica I don't know but it tasted excellent :-) Kari was a nurse and put a good dressing on my poor finger that got caught in the rubber of the spear-gun the other day. Hans used to be a pro. skier in the 60 and 70'ties and I enjoyed his company a lot.

New Crewmember?, The last month I have added two crewmembers to the 'past crew' list. The latest one was Deidre from Ireland who was backpacking around and came with me to a beach party in port morell. Although I was a gentleman and gave her a birth of her own it was good to have company on the boat again. Besides she was a great helmsman and i did not have to touch the tiller at all. The party was good too by the way, I will write more about the other people there in another letter.

I am not really in the writing mood so this will be a short one, sorry.


 Kjell O. Stave


ANZ Bank burning.


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