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Kjell O. Stave


Lazy slacker?.


     Sorry:    Sorry for not writing more. I know there are lots of people out there checking the webpage regularly and i feel bad about not updating it more. The new goal now is to update at least every two weeks, which is the 14 and 1 or every month. If i have problems or are out sailing it will only be once a month and that would be on the 1'st.



Here is my list of excuses, i went home for christmas and that took up one month, i got tired after all that traveling and fun and had to rest, my pc broke down and i had to buy a new one, my new pc got a virus and i had to format the hard-drive a couple of times, i got a nice crewmate and went out sailing for a month. I hope that explains a little of it, regardless i am still having the time of my life and here are some stories of things that went down the last month.  


More german girls?.

     After meeting the fun and great German dentists in dec. i did not really expect to meet more from that country right away but here she was, Suse as she liked to be called came up and asked me for the cheapest accommodation on the island and even though i was tempted to say Spetakkel is, i bit my tongue  and showed her the place to go. Instead i told her i was going sailing with some friends (lie.1) in a couple of days and she could tag along if she wanted to,  i dont really have room for you since there are 3 others (lie.2) but i think one of them will cancel so there might be a chance, are you interested?. As you have gathered by now this was all a big lie (to look cool) since i was alone and was not planning to take anyone but her but lucky for me it worked and after a terrible road trip (next story) we ended up having a great time. My intuition was not wrong and after Darryl and Joar who were long time crewmates she is the best crew i have ever had. No complaints on small spaces or missing tv's, just living with what we have and having fun. Needless to say we became the best of friends.

The road trip.

Before me and suse went for our sailing expeditions we borrowed a great car (pic) and tried to drive around the island. It went fine for a long time and even though we did get totally lost and it started to rain a couple of times we had a great time. I never had any doubts on the car but is failed us in the end, it was not the one working window-washer, the smell or the boot tied down with a power cord that got us but something as simple as a tire. The tires here don't have the best quality in the world and it is pretty tough and hot so i cant really blame it. You can see the pic on the right what happend, half of the outer rubber fell off the tire?, i don't know if this is normal but not where i am from. I was able to drive the car back on the bladder in 5 km/h.   

The sailing trip.

Actually we did two sailing trips, suse was supposed to leave with the ferry on the 21 of feb. so we i took us back that day. she bought a ticked and i arranged to meet her on the pier to say goodbye at 4. When i showed up she was there with her 24 kilo backpack and another big bag on her stomack but was missing one little bag that i knew she normally had, where is it i asked?, she looked around and said she must have misplaced it, ok, go find it and i will look after the luggage,,, 15 min later she came back with the handbag and we went over to the ferry, now she could not find her ticket, 'women' i thought inside, how do they ever get around???,,,,, after some fumbling she pulled a key from the pocked and held it up like it were the ticked, now i was really confused and did not know what to say, it is for the motel she said,,,, 'women' i thought inside, she must have forgotten to give the key back to the hotel,,, how do they ever get around???,,, NO, ,,she said look at it, it is for the hotel, i Checked back in, i am staying longer!!!,,, 'Stupid men' i thought inside, why am i even trying to understand women when no one ever has... Yes, she lugged all the luggage around and went back to the hotel to get her purse just to pull a joke on me, you got to like someone that does that to you.

The first of our two sailing expeditions went pretty well even though i now have to sail tippled reefed all the time because the sail finally ripped 100% (but on the bottom) and we had to escape mouno island when the wind changed.  We did stay in port morell more than a few days and had a great time there. We started building easels (to put paintings on that painters use, se pic) everywhere we went and had also a great bench. The sunset pic and the pic with me on the great sand is the last you will ever see of that beauty, the deal with worrick hotel chain was just signed and the village with 40 people on this little island will now have to share it with a 26 million us, hotel project. I am just glad i got to see it before the five star hotel moved in.

The second sailing expedition we did was not so successfull but still we had some fun. After stopping at a small village for two days we went to a sheltered lagoon and got weather stuck for five days with almost no dry moments. it rained and rained all day long. i am not sure why we did not get bored but come to think of it we did get some stuff done,  we built a raincatcher for someone on their tanks on land, cleaned the bottom of the boat (see barnacle pic, before) caught fish, visited the us peace core rep. in a village and some germans living by themself on an island, grilled breadfruit to fries and i drank some vine.

that's it folks. have a great week and if you like me to keep on writing go to my guestbook and leave a hello, that always encourages me to keep on writing.


 Kjell O. Stave

Me, Suse and a sunset


A car and a tire


The boat underwater (before cleaning)


Suse in the mast and me at a party


Where the hotel will be.


Things we built.


This palm tree is only 3 meters high, i climbed it only to take this photo






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