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What does Trafficated mean?




Time to leave.

     Future plans:   The new crewmember has arrived and we should be on our way towards Vanuatu soon. We actually cleared out the other day and I had all the clearance papers in my hand when I discovered that they were checking in the gate and that I would not be able to go back to town, shit... I had to apologize and clear back inn. The weather is not fears here at this time of year but we will not leave until Monday because we are waiting for a low to pass and to get a good few days of good forecast before we take off.



New Crew

      After careful selection from many candidates i decided on who were to be my crew for the next two months. You might get the wrong impression when you see the picture to the right but  Sabrina is not just a pretty little thing she is actually the best candidate. Sabrina is a sailing instructor (4 meters), bartender and Texas hold-em poker player (i love poker). If there is someone out there that think they have better credentials than that please feel free to email me and i will post the application in my next letter.


Where are we going?

      Have you seen those guys that invented bungee jumping?, NO it is not the New Zealanders. The real thing is from a small island chain in between Fiji and Australia called Vanuatu. The people there have for centuries thrown themselves off big bamboo-man-made towers with only vanes tied to their ankles. The jump is not valid if they don't smash the head into the ground so they have to jump far out then when the vine is on full stretch it is supposed to bounce them back and they will hit the ground head on (literally)  There has only been one fatality (that we know about) and that was when the queen of England came to visit and they put the show on for her in the wrong season so the vines were not strong enough to hold them. 

     The next letter will be from there.  In the mean time, here are some photos.



Things fall when sailing                            Fixing, fixing, fixing



Spring cleaning?                                            Vuda Marina




Sabrina G.


Sabrina is a bartender.










A bad sunset.


Don't think there is such a thing as a bad sunset though.




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