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Reisebrev fra: Darryl & Kjell

Trinidad, Grenada and Bequia April 2005.



The Reality of Sailing:

Since, this basically Kjell's and my first real sailing adventure, we have the unique experience of comparing what we expected to the reality of sailing.  We both have done quite a bit of traveling and have been in some very uncomfortable traveling situations so, we approached our first couple of night sailing with respect.

Right now, we are 4 in the boat.  Kjell, Me, and two 21 year old sailors, one form Sweeden, Morton, and the other from Norway, Simon.  We are sailing them to St. Lucia where They are picking up another sailboat ond sailing it to Norway.  Since, we are 4 in the 29 footer it has added another interesting condition to our first sailing experiences.  A continuous shifting of the luggage must be done throughout the journey in order to create room for sleeping during the night sailing.  As well, as making things accessible  to us as we need throughout the trip.  Such as harnesses, camera/video gear, and a change of clothes  just to name a few.  Unfortunately, spending time in the cabin is very difficult during the sail as the motion of the waves hits you pretty hard in the stomach and going into the cabin makes it worse.  Especially, when there is no circulating air at the moment  in the cabin and the temp is very hot and hummid making the feeling in the stomach worse when it comes time to sleep. 

In Thoery: During the night sails, we partner up (Kjell/Morton and Me/Simon) and rotate on 2 hour sailing/2 hour sleeping shifts.   The first two hours are spent in the cabin sleeping while the last two hours are spent in the cockpit relaxing and letting the autopilot, Judas, control the rudder; one partner watches the autopilot for 1 hour while the other sleeps on the bench, and then switch for the last hour.

In Reality: We spend 2 hours bouncing around in the cabin trying to hold down our supper.  1 hour argueing with 'Judas'  and getting wet.  And 1 hour lying on the outside bench adjusting your head on the ropes and wires, getting soaked!.  We are constantly wet and salty, hungry and dizzy, and of course tired until we finally reach our destination.  After an hour of trying to anchor, we get ancored in the harbour, and we now can organize the boat, blow up the dinghy and finally get on to solid ground, only to realize that after 20 hours of sailing the solid ground moves too. After all this we head for the immigration and customs looking like drowned rats, smelling like salty beggers and pretending to act like all the other normal yachtsmen.

The Rewards: This is truely an interesting and amazing way to travel.  It takes a certain individual to be able to embrace the hardships of the trip as they know that when they pull into an ilsand in the Carribean and receive the smiles and attitude of the locals makes it all worthwhile  This is truly a very special way to see the beauty of our world.



Darryl & Kjell











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