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Reisebrev fra: Darryl & Kjell

'First sail alone!!!'

St Lucia to Los Testigos April 2005.


Trip to Los Testigos

After Simen and Morten left us on St. Lucia, we somehow had to get a move on by ourselves.  It is easy, all one has to do really is to do it.  Since the motor was in a bad mood again 2 minutes before we were about to drive out of Marigot Bay, we quickly decided to sail out of the bay and take 200 Nm in one gulp down to Los Testigos. We figured it was going to take us about 48 hours and we did it in 47!  Also, we figured the engine would start when we needed it later, and it did.  So, either we are very lucky or getting good with at understanding it.  As always, we could have planned the trip a bit better.  The gas we got for our cooking stove was the wrong type (kerosene for lamps) so, we had to eat cold canned food during the voyage and we should have gotten more of it. The good news is that we both got to learn a lot about sailing and Darryl did all the Navigation, (A+).  To make sure that we did not fall asleep on nightwatch, the person who was awake on the lookout had to sit/lay on the high side of the boat.  Because of the angle, if you fell asleep during your watch you would slide off the bench and hit your head against the table, quickly waking up and resuming the watch.  So, an alarm clock is not needed to stay awake.  On the way over we got lot of rest but have a little headache?, maybe we slept too good?.

Los Testigos

Los Testigos is a small island group just outside Venezuela, there is about 200 people that live here year around. Tourists are welcome but can only stay there for 3 days so, it is not spoiled by tourists in anyway. There were only 5 boats when we arrived.  As always, we picked the worst place to anchor.  So, after rolling like crazy the first night we, darryl ;)  had to pull the anchor up and re-anchor to a smoother location closer to shore. The only place one can purchase anything here is in the small 'Erotica bar' where they serve the catch of the day and beer. We were lucky because it was  Lobster day (see pic) when we arrived and got to share a one kilogram lobster with rice and beer for 5 dollars each.  We stayed there for 3 days so that we could sail along with two other boats that we have met earlier in Trinidad, and were hoping to meet up with us, to Isla Margarita on friday. The days were spent exploring the little community and relaxing. One day we climbed to the top of the mountain together with some other sailers. It was a pretty hard climb but as usual if you work real hard at somthing the rewards are great. (and walking down again is always easy.) The other day we hiked to the other side of the island and found a nice secluded beach. Here we made a fire and cooked lunch. This is also the beach were we took the tan pictures that we now have on the index page.

It is incredible to be a part of the sailing community here in the Caribbean.  The atmoshpere is so stress free and everyone is always smiling and willing to help you in anyway they can.   With the average age of the sailors being close to retirement,  we have found that since we are a bit younger (and a wee bit inexperienced) people are receiving us like we are their children.  By giving us food, drink, books, gear, great advice and sailing tips that would cost hundreds of dollars back home.   It is a gift we are truely appreciating  :-)


Darryl & Kjell









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