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Letter From: Darryl & Kjell

'New Crew From Bonaire; Dentist for Kjell'

Bonaire May 2005.

As we sailed around the island of Bonaire and into the capital of Kralendjik, Kjell's wisdom tooth was starting to give him so much pain that I saw him make a frown for the first time since we started the trip.  I knew that the first order of business on land would be to see a dentist.  Or else, we would have to buy some rum, a tennis ball, some string, and a racket (an old Dutch Dentist trick we learnt during our visit).  To our luck!, and even though the Bonaire dentist's were extremely busy, the tooth was coming out professionally at 4:00 pm. 

After the $150.00 us procedure was performed, Kjell ventured to ease back from 'fat lipitus' with a few 'drooling' cuba libre's, Coke with lot's of rum.  Kjell said "The best anesthetic was looking at the female doctor.  Who wants to start weeping in front of an attractive girl?"   Later that same evening, playing cool and not weeping payed off as Carla the dentist invited us to come with her and her friends for an outdoor movie by the sea.  'Oceans 12',...I kept falling asleep but, kept getting woken up by Those Damn Mosquitos!!.  You can't see them so, there impossible to catch,...and I won't get into the ones on the boat,...welts the size of a twonie (20cm circle)!  I figure I should be immune any day now from my overdose of mosquito bites.  But, after the movie our new friends took us to a salsa club,...then the next day windsurfing,...then a beach Barbque!  There, I forgot to hand in my ticket for my tenderloin and Chicken Sateh so, we got another plate for free!  I can 't believe how much Kjell and I ate that night, we were so hungry from the sail.  Another one of the many places we got to experience  was Sunday night at Jo's.  A Sunday Night Only bar that is built with treasures Jo and the locals have pulled from the sea.  Such as plastic gas cans turned into lights, and beer crates for seats.   Everyday is something new here on Bonaire, Diver's Paradise island.

Bonaire has been an incredible place for us thanks to Kjell's toothache.   It's a place where we went to beach Barbque on our second night and enjoyed the company of some the traditionally beautiful Dutch Women so much that we made a booking for Spetakkel's first 'Booze Cruise' the following day.  Kjell had to stop the cruise list at 10, since he said "Boys were starting to sign up."   The cruise went to Klein Bonaire for snorkel, rum, and rose wine.   We have to use a mooring for the boat around the islands since, anchoring is forbidden in Bonaire due to the protection of the coral.  And since the coral dropping off so close to the shore, we could use a moorin.g only 15 meteres from land.   It was a great visual having this amazing coral drop off right beneath us. This reef here is one of the best snorkeling reefs in the caribbean.  The coral reef is about half a mile long and if you walk up the beach a bit you can float with the current back to the boat.   

After our third night in Bonaire, we got dropped off at the dinghy dock at 1:30 am to head back to the boat.  By the time we untied the dinghy, we had three girls asking us questions about sailing.  They started to buy us beers but, we had to put a stop to it after the first one.  We were just too tired to party, and for the first time we had to turn down airline stewardesses.

So, we initially wanted to stay in Bonaire for 5 days and work on the boat.  Now, we are leaving after 10 and we haven't done anything on the boat except clean up after the night before.   We get up with the sun around 6, 7.  Scratch a few mosquito bites and then jump in for a snorkel.  We are moored off the main Island just before a 150 foot coral drop off.  The boat is moored at 6.5 meters, according to the fish finder, and a new record for me in snorkel diving.  The other day I noticed my swimming shorts were missing.  Sure enough, they blew off the boat and were lying on the bottom of the sea. (crab jokes??)   We have been averageing about 2 hours a day snorkeling and we see interesting things sumberged everyday.  Right now, we have a school of black, yelloweyed, thumbsized baby squid (I should look up the name) hanging around, under the boat.   I can get really close to them but, if I move fast, PSHHhhhhh, out comes the ink.  I'm not too sure about that so, I've left them alone.   

We have become such good friends with this community in Bonaire that tomorrow, when we leave, we are taking 3 new crew members!  Carla and Kjell's friend Femka are going to sail with us to Aruba, which is about a 24 hour sail from here.  And the other dentist, Dan, has just taken 4 weeks off of work to come with us all the way to the Galapogos.  Since, Carla and Dan work a cross shift, and Carla couldn't cover the Wednesday's while Dan was gone, Dan just crossed out all four Wednesdays that he will be gone in the appointment book.  Nice Job!  Dan has done quite a bit of sailing in the Netherlands and it is his dream to what we are doing.  So, he is bouncing off the walls.  He says that this is the biggest trip that he has ever done!  It's going to be a blast with new crew,...and easier for me!  No more burning my arm hairs when I light that damn stove.  That's someone else's 'trick' now,...maybe Dan's?  That should calm him down a bit if he get's too excited on the boat.  "Hey Dan.  Wanna boil me up some Coffee?"  WHOooooOOSH!!?.   Seriously, having Dan on the trip will help us out a lot, and he has already contributed by writing us some prescriptions for antibiotics.  Getting infections on the sea is not good.  Plus, we might be able to use them if we meet sick people on some remote islands we might sail upon.

We have had some of our best times of the trip so far in Bonaire.  So much has happend in such a short time. we could easily get stuck here.  It is a small but beautiful island with lots of really nice people.  Unfortunatly There is no time to write about all that has happend but we would especially like to thank the following people:

Carla the dentist for taking Kjell's tooth and letting us into the clique.  Dan, the other dentist, for taking us all over the island.  Femke for dinner, shower and everything else.  Waldo for beeing a good drinking buddy.   And we would like to thank God for making Dutch women so pretty... The female booze cruise crew: Sofie, Linda, Soskia, Naomi, Sanna, (Sanna's and Sofie's Mom) Anna, (hope We didn't forget someone)

Thanks to Jos for having such a great restaurant and giving us the last beer for free.

Ps, all the travel letters is made by BOTH kjell and darryl, we stand for everything that we write...



Darryl & Kjell



























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