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Letter From: Dan , Darryl & Kjell

Dan the dentist has signed on

Aruba May 2005.


bon dia

Ja  there I`m   sitting on a boat for  a month!!  great!! 2 weeks ago I was still sitting in my dental klinik on bonaire being sad and lonely because my girlfriend could not get free urlier than juli  of her american study and we're thinking what to do till September.    And  now,  i'm sitting in Aruba  having much fun  and floting with the booze cruise.  2 weeks ago I was driving in my jeep on bonaire to the 'openair' cinema, I had to catch some friends at the city cafe  and at once there were  2 guys jumping in my jeep.  I had something to say  "what the ....   what is this."  It is where kjell and Daryl  said  they know my collegue and that they could come to the cinema.  After that we had big fun drinking and partying, and  looking for the donkeys.  After  5 days fun at bonaire they asked why i'm not coming with them.  great!!  within a second I reacted    yea!   We made that weekend the  demo booze cruise.   ha ha to the island small Bonaire  and it was a big succes (look at the pictures).  Now, we went  from bonaire  with  5 of us.   the captain had to have some company of course  (Femke) en Carla my collegue  was allso coming to compensate my 5 days she had to take over for me in my month.  With daryl en me are de 5 of us.  We went sailing at Fryday  13!!!!!!!!!!!!!  man, that was my first day.  Happily i am not superspicieus.  A big trip of 23 hours in the night  crossing curacao  with  waves of  2,5 m.  It was a good trip en at 13.00 pm we where in Aruba  between   the  millionairs!!  Mega ships!  And we had to park in between haha.  The Spettakel is only 9 meters  but, we had the booze en the girls and big fun.  Kjell had downloaded the best song  KOKOMO from the beach boys.  'Aruba jamaica  oh i.m gonna take you to bermuda  montego  oh you pretty mama enz'.  With the music strong and a lot of  rum pinapple  we did steel the show.  All the  people where watching  and we're sitting on there with the ships of millions and they are alone! And we had the party  with the Spetakkel.  The harbour is owned by the  Rennaisance  hotel,  very luxery,  and we  pay only 30 dollar per night  and we use there our own private island for free!  we went there Yesterday with  flammingos en iguanas. with a shuttle, and after it it goes  under the hotel inside to the hotel.  Now we are prepairing for the big trip to Colombia.    The bottles are empty  and we have to work  tomorow.  We are  going  to  cartagena.  The weather forecast  looks good and within 5 days we are there.  Kjell is learning me how to navigate ( see picture) and we have total control.


happy days!!!

Going to Bonaire is the best thing we have done up til now.  I am leaving a big part of my heart in this little island (and a tooth). The island is small compared to Curacau and Aruba (the ABC islands) but that only makes it better.  We met so meny interesting people that took such good care of us that we never felt like leaving.  Normally we feel like leaving to the next destination after a few days but on this island it never happened. To make sure that we dont get to much on each other's nerves (we know that we need some new input from time to time) having Dan as crew for a few weeks is going to help us a lot. Daan is a rare species.  One of those guys that only means good and smiles all day. It is impossible to be in a bad mood with him around.  AnnFleur, you are a lucky girl.  The sail from Bonaire up to Aruba went well, the two girls and Dan handled it nicely too. We had the biggest waves up til now but no one seemed to care, as long as the waves are not braking they are not dangerous although we had a few funny moments when the occational wave spalshed us. We have been talking a lot about what happens when you sleep on 'the high side' of the boat but i dont think we ever will learn. The story goes like this, the boat is leening towards port side and you are trying to sleep on the starbord side, this works great when it is stable and you are awake, but when you fall asleep and a bigger wave hits you fall on the floor and are woken up rather hard. It is alway funny.



Ps, all the travel letters is made by BOTH kjell and darryl, we stand for everything that we write...



Darryl & Kjell








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