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S/Y Ana K.


        When i went to see my boat for the first time in Trinidad i met Bjørn and his wife in Ana. They were retired and had decided to live on the boat for a few years. After sailing around in the Mediterranean for a while they sailed across to Caribbean and here i met them in 2004 on my two week's vacation.

One year later (almost) i came back to take the boat out of the marine and start my sailing i met them again in Trinidad and then in Los Testigos. After Testigos we sailed together to Margarita. Unfortunately i did not have as much time available as them so i had to sail on to be able to make the canal that year.

I wish we had more time together, you people Rock...


     A big Thank You from Spetakkel...




Kjell O. Stave



'Bjørn & The Danish

'Ana the Boat'


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