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What does Trafficated mean?




S/Y Bounty.


        Bounty and Julien is French. As with Paul i first met him in Isabella on Galapagos but we only had time for one coffee because we were both preparing for the big crossing. As with Paul we met Bounty again in the Marquesas and became instant friends. Julien pervaded us to go to three extra bays that were not planned and i thank him for it. We did not have the knowledge of these places because all the good books is in French but Julien had them all :-)

     In addition to being a great friend Julien had also given me a lot of things. Since we got new crew in Rangirora he gave us a new harness, drift anchor and lots more. Julien has given me maps of everything i want and the ones he did not have to copy he borrowed from other people so we could copy them. 

     A big Thank You from Spetakkel...




Kjell O. Stave


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