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What does Trafficated mean?




S/Y Lutin.


        When i met Bernard and Lutin in Marina Tahina in Papeete i knew instantly that this was a good man and i was right. During the time spend in Papeete Bernard helped me with everything i asked. He even came with me to the dentist to help me find a good one and to help me with the French. To my best ability i am trying to help him with whatever i know but i think i got the better end of the deal and he helped me more than i could help him :)

     The picture of the three boats in the right corner is one of my favorite one's. It shows me, Bernard and Paul in Papeete. We were anchored in three meters of crystal clear water. Me and Bernard have had many a dinner and some memorable ones too. The best one is probably when we were having a bbq with some drinks and Paul tried to get the fire going by spraying alcohol on the charcoal. The bottle was almost empty and when Paul let to of the spurting the fire got sucked back into the bottle and the whole thing exploded in his hand. Paul was literary on fire and stunned for a few seconds before he did the reasonable thing and jumped in the water. He can thank his beard for not having scars in his face i think but since he is ok it is now just a fun memory that happened in Bernard's boat...


Bernard sowing my sail.   

A big Thank You from Spetakkel...




Kjell O. Stave

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