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What does Trafficated mean?




S/Y Tafadswa.


        I am not even sure if i got the name right because it is South African and does not even mean anything in that language?. Paul is from South Africa too but he is more easy going. I first met Paul and his girlfriend Andrea in Isabella on Galapagos but i was too busy at the time to get to know them well and they left early. Luckily for me i met them again in the Marquesas and there we got to be friends.

     The list of favors that Paul has done for me and the knowledge he has shared would be to long for me to even begin on but to show you how great a man he is i will mention some of the major things he helped me with:    - opening up my engine twice and fixing a hole in the top,  Splicing my rudder stick with fiberglass after it broke, sharing the flares he got from Askari, Putting a tap in my propeller (3 times) when i thought i had to buy a new one, relaying weather information, making countless dinners (Andrea ;-) and teaching me all kinds of thing's around the boat.

     A big Thank You from Spetakkel...


Rest in piece my friend, your spirit will always be with me...


Kjell O. Stave

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