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Kjell O. Stave


Niue Island.


     Niue:    is literary a rock in the middle of the ocean. All around the island steep cliffs dive down into the violent sea and all the edges has been shaped by the wind to be razor sharp. No wonder Captain Cook never dared to come ashore. When he arrived in 1877 or around there the locals looked so threatening that he did not go ashore and christened the island 'savage island'.

The island is still scarred by Hurricane Heta who hit here in 2004



      After all the fun i had with the weather the first three days in Niue it was time to unwind and relax. The plan was to take at least one week off and just 'be' but as usual it would not happen.

     Both me and Paul were happy with the way the yacht club had greeted us and volunteered to fix the roof that Hurricane Heta stole from the toilet block. It took us three full working days but when finished it looked real nice and whenever the cruisers start to arrive here it will be complete with hot water showers and a big sink to do laundry in. After those three days of relaxing on a roof in wired angles and constantly swinging the hammer too close to my fingers Keith of the yacht club borrowed us three bikes so we could do a 35 Km. bike run around the forest. My relaxing turned out to be the opposite but I don't regret it. I have gotten to see and experience a lot of new things here on Niue. Of course you have to hike through the jungle (I wouldn't have it any other way :) for at least half an hour to get to most sites but when you get there it is amazing. Yesterday we went to under water caves and swam from cave to cave swimming under the rocks to get to air pockets on the other side, it was great. There are arches along the beaches here and lots of pools and sea snakes. The sea snakes are everywhere and are deadly poisonous. Luckily they have such small mouths that they can not bite adults. Food wise I have had Umu food for the first time (food cooked under ground in a fire pit) and Coconut crab. I was starting to think that the coconut crab was a myth since I never saw it but here it was in all it's splendor in just the way I wanted it,,, On my plate. mmmmmmm. 


Niue Yacht Club.

      One of the best things about Niue is the Yacht club itself. It is the only Club I have ever seen where the members are so enthusiastic but still no one has a boat?. Because of the seasons here it would be very hard to have your own boat but that does not discourage the club. Since day one we were helped and greeted in a spectacular manner. We have been invited to 'Hash House Harriers' for Monday run and beer, borrowed bikes and Ernie even borrowed us his car for one day so we could 'get around'. Keith has taken us to everywhere we wanted including  a dinner at the hotel. He also arranged a surprise BBQ for Pauls birthday and gave us both free memberships to the club, t-shirts, showers, (for the work we did on the toilet block) and he even did my laundry?. We are very grateful and recommend every sailor to stop by Niue and support the club here so they can keep up their good work. 

I don't have more time so I will post some pictures instead.



Kjell O. Stave


'The Roof'

'Hash Harriers'

'Paul under an Arch'

'Coconut Crab'

'Pauls B-Day'




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