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Kjell O. Stave


The King is Dead, long live the King.


     The Kingdom of Tonga:    Two months ago the king of Tonga passed away. He was known to be a great men and did a lot of good for Tonga. He got to be both big and old, the big part was also physically and that's what matters the most here. The fatter one is the more attractive you are and no one dared to claim they were fatter than the king. Of respect i wore black for one month after the passing and so did most Tongans except for the close family, they will wear black for a year!.  No one knows what the new King will be like, i guess time will show.      


Happy Birthday.

      I have not updated in a long time and have therefore neglected a lot of birthday's and birthday greetings. Even my Sister Marina's birthday was overlooked but as you can see on the picture i did not forget my own and i even got a cake. I will not tell how many candles but as you can see the cake would not have fitter more, hehe.

     Time has gone really fast lately and even though i have done a lot here in Tonga i can not believe it has been almost 6 months?, i got here in the beginning of the cruising season and have decided to spend the hurricane season here so when i am done with Tonga it will have taken almost a year of my time. 

Whale watching

     To go to Tonga and not go on a whale watching trip is like going to the moon and never set foot on it, just stupid. Tonga is for the whale watching like Carlsberg is for beer, Probably the best in the world. I went with Paul And Karen from Dive Vava'u (because they have the best boat in Neiafu?). Everyone says the same after a trip like this and i will say it too, the best experience one can imagine. We found a humpback whale with a 'baby' (400 kilo) and after a short briefing by Karen we went into the water and got to swim with both of them. It is unexplainable to tell how it is to swim 5 meters over a big humpback mom with a little white pup playing around, i will not even try, you have to experience it for youerself... sorry


Rusty Sailor

     Being 5 month's in the same bay without sailing around has been good, it has been like a vacation from the vacation but has definitely affected my sailing skills, read this and i'll tell you how stupid one can get.

How one thing can lead to another:

Example A:   

  • Together with Tafadswa and Ika Roa,  SY Spetakkel set off to go for a long weekend in the Blue Lagoon a mere 5 miles away. After navigating the narrow pass to get into the lagoon i started pulling inn sails and here is where the shit starts, the roler-furling jams and rapid action is needed, i get it down just in time to pass up Paul who is anchored already and i hit a little sandbar. The wind (25Knots) pushes me around and free of the sandbar but also sends my dingy rope right into the propellar and i am forced to turn the engine off. With no more power to turn properly i t-bone (ram the side)  Paul and Tafadswa. Luckilly it was all going kind of slow and no major damage was done.

Example B:   

  • Trying to leave the same lagoon (now renamed to b**** lagoon) was just as much fun as entering it. It was blowing 25 knots for the longest time so we decided to leave and find a more protected anchorage. Ika Roa and Tafadswa just got out but me with my little propeller did not stand a chance. Here is what happened: There are two passes next to each other to get in and out of in the lagoon, between them there is a submerged reef. I head to the one to the right and as i get to the opening the main sail say's 'swoosh' and a big tare is made, this puts me off and with no sail to help keep me up to the wind i have no other option but to turn around. That is of course too late and i go straight over the reef!!!. Help... Lucky me it is full moon and the extra high tide helped me get over without touching. Me and my crewmate Leo (see crew page) try a few times more with just the engine but has to give up time and again and anchor to start stitching the sail up. We do a good job but to no use, we can not get out today and we end up hearing that same old 'swoosh' sound again before we give up and decide to stay another day. The next day we have sowed the sail again and are ready to try again, knowing we can sail over half of the reef at high tide the opening is 'for us' much bigger and we literary 'tack' on top of the reef and make it out.  

After all that fun we went to 'Port Morell' witch is a nice anchorage that is completly protected from the E-SE and i had two great and quiet nights there.


Kjell O. Stave

Happy Birthday.

Dive Vava'u

Blue Lagoon in 25 Kn.

Tongaen Sunday dress






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