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What does Trafficated mean?


Kjell O. Stave


Fish and more fish.


     Fish:    Coming from Norway where we have plenty of fish but no 'monsterfish' like the pacific it is always impressive when they catch a big one and string it up. The norm here is to release fish (Blue Marlins) under 100 kilos because they are too small???


More Fish.

      What they call the tunafest was going on here in Vava'u last week. Tunafest is a fishing competition among the 5-6 charterfishing boats here and the aim is of course to get tuna. However i was not there when the biggest one (81 Kg) was brought ashore so i am posting a picture of a blue marlin they caught instead. This one is about 150 kilos and i must say i thought it was bigger. The biggest one have seen was 287 by the way. Either way it was a good week and lots of fun. I am anchored right outside the dock where the fish was brought in and could sit in my boat and 


New Toilet.

     Yes i have a new 'used' toilet. Why am i so proud of that when i have a new car stereo and rain-catcher too?. well i just am, the old one was ok but the pump was absurd. The new one is great and i am loving every minute on it :-) The toilet was given to me by Dan and Brenda on Glide who brought a new one in from the states. Thank you again folks.

Some friends.

     No i dont really feel like writing but it is time to so i am trying to get myself into it by writing someting down, yes i spelled that one wrong too, no i dont even bother to do spell-check today. Well, friends. The picture of the cute little tongaen girl or maybe it is a boy?, i dont know, anyhow it is of 'O ' the owner of the mermaid bar. The next one is of (on the left)  Jerred, a great drummer and super person who unfortunatly had to go back to Australia for a while. The rest is a nomad family who never really have settled down anywhere. Stefan, Chandra and Heather have lived years and years in india where chandra was born, then moved to thailand, bali and around there before living for 5 years in a bus in australia or was it nz?, dont remember. Anyhow they are here now and i am loving it, there is so much to learn from this family.

The last picture is too dark to really see but it is me with my friends Adrian, Matt, Davy and Jason.  sorry about the boring letter, have a great day.


 Kjell O. Stave-







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