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Kjell O. Stave


A year in review...


     ready to go?:    I have almost been in Tonga for a year now and it is starting to get a little boring. Of course i am totally spoiled and should never complain about things like that. I am now at an island resort with my friend Jason where i am helping his wife and family with a new website for their new whale watching business. It is good to be on land for a change and staying in a fale (tongaen hut) on the beach at a private island is not bad at all.



One Year in Tonga.

      I arrived in Tonga on the 31 of may 2006 and will be leaving in may some time. That makes it a full year in Tonga. Time flies when you are having fun they say and I guess I have to agree on that one. Why I have stayed for so long has many reasons but the main one was that I was tired of sailing, especially by myself and needed a break. During my stay I have fallen in and out of love a couple of times with women and with Tonga. At one point I wanted to sell the boat and move to land and at another point I wanted to purchase a bigger boat. I have bought and sold stocks in a resort and spent countless hours exploring the island and the island people.

     It is pretty hard to get a work permit in Tonga and normal wages for people here varies from 2 to 3 dollars pr. hour so i have not been able to work much. Except from the investment i made in www.mysticsands.net i have only made 3 or 4 websites for friends and that was mostly for fun. A good example is right now where i am sitting on the deck in a 200$ pr. night bungalow in the beach on a private island. It is all good and i am with friends and getting free beer, food and everything but it is not really adding to my cruising kitty.

     I guess it is now that I am supposed to say that Tonga is the best place on the planet but unfortunately for Tonga that is not the case. Galapagos still holds the first place in over all and the marquesas the best water. I will however give them the best cruising grounds. If you are thinking of hiring an moorings boat and cruise around for a week or two this is the place I have been too. This is also the place to come and see the humpback whales mate and even swim with them. To make sure I don't forget the fishing I will have to mention that there are blue marlins here and fishing for them is unbelievable. Last weekend I went out with www.kiwimagictonga.com to fish for them and boy is that a lot of fun. I was fortunate enough to be the one to 'scale up' the biggest one this year and I seem to remember that is was about 185 kilo's. The smallest one I have seen is the one my best friend Jason got (see pic). I have to admit that all this adds. up but I stand with my decision that Galapagos is better.

Short term plan:

A lot of people have asked me lately what i will do next and here is a short brief of what is to come. I have gotten hold of a second hand sail that i like and will be heading to Fiji soon. The plan is to haul my boat next week some time, get the bottom done, go to the miss Tonga ball at the paradise hotel, see if i can find time to go out fishing again with kiwimagic and finish a website for my friend Matt at Tonga Bobs cantina. In between all this a have to take the boat out for a sail to try the new sail and see if my windvane still works.

Long term plan:

My long term plan is pretty set. Because of the seasons here and there I will have to move pretty quickly (compared to before that is). To make it to the Torres straight between Papua new guinea and Australia before the bad season starts I have to be done with kava in Fiji, land jumping in Vanuatu, volcanoes in Solomon's and diving in Luis dales by September. Bali must be invaded in October and Singapore and all the rest of Indonesia must be done with by December so that I can spend Christmas in Thailand with my friend Affi. After that I must be over the Indian ocean and done diving in the Maldives before i enter the Red sea by April so that I can have the summer in the med. The canals of France must be motored in June and July so that I can have an easy sail home to Farsund and Norway sometime in August 2008. What is going to happen after that is too much to thing about.

The only thing i can guaranteed is that things will NOT go as planned and that i WILL make changes as i go along. Regardless it is good to have a plan.

Crew positions:

I have made arrangements for Tonga to Fiji and will not be considering Bali to Norway just yet but if there is someone out there that would like to come with me from Fiji in June to Bali in October feel free to contact me. kjell72@gmail.com


that's it folks. have a great week and if you like me to keep on writing go to my guestbook and leave a hello, that always encourages me to keep on writing.


 Kjell O. Stave

St. Patricks day in Tonga






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