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Vanuatu to New Caledonia.

     Sabrina is back?:   Yes, my crewmate Sabrina from Canada who left with another boat to go to Australia is back. She decided it was too long to sail to Australia so after a week on the French boat she flew back to Spetakkel.



Vanuatu to New Caledonia passage.

     Coming across the pacific is easy. The trade winds either blow from south, east or yes you guessed it, south-east. Sailing down to New Caledonia from Vanuatu is almost straight south and we needed a good blow form East to get a good start. A good blow we got and set out in 20 to 25 knots of wind, needless to say the waves was big and we had a great first night, by great i mean that we did lots of miles in the right direction. Yes it was as bumpy as it could be and sleeping was not really an option. Since it not was dangerous only uncomfortable we used the good old, ' wait till u are completely exhausted, then pass out' , this worked great for me but I think Sabrina still struggled a bit. Day two was not soo good, the wind died down and changed to south east and we were no longer able to keep the course, new plans had to be made and we decided to make an illegal landfall on the back side of the island of Liefu. This island, a good day's sail away from the main island has one legal port of entry and we reached it by hitch hiking the following day. This in not cosher so i was hoping the clearance person was a nice man, fourtunatly we were not able to even find him so we said 'screw it' and sailed around illegaly until we reached Noumea the capital of New Caledonia.  


Arriving in New Caledonia:

     On the right is a picture of me on the beach in Liefu, I had to take this picture because I caught myself getting to spoiled. When Sabrina asked me if we could walk on the beach that run's paralell with the road to town I got annoyed and argued that there were a perfectly fine walkway next to the road, why should we get sand on our toes then, oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh  Noooooooo,  how stupid did I feel when I realized what I just had said. I guess I have seen one too many beaches.

     The beach also had dogs, we met 5 dogs that were running around and they followed us down the beach, back to town, waited for us while looking in a restaurant and finally left us 45 min later. We were then hiding in a coffee shop and some poor girl walked by and they decided to stalk her instead, the hole thing was hilarious.



What's next?:

     I dont know but would like to say Thank's too all the people who have written to me and supported me. I am afraid this is it for Spetakkel's travels this time.  A few more letters and videos are still to come though so keep checking the page.



Old flag and a pier in liefu


The sailors



Dogs on Liefu beach



Spoiled man


The Route??





We harbour





Liefu house




Kjell O. Stave


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