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The New Viking.

     Home again:    After many months of deliberating i finally decided to sell the boat and return home to Norway. After meeting Lionel in New Caledonia i knew that the boat would be in good hands.



New Caledonia:    

     In New Caledonia i met a lot of good French people and had a great time. To make a long story short i will post some pic. from my time there and leave it at that. I will however tell that we did have a big good bye party for me and new boat party for Lionel where we had a ceremony where i 'be-Vikinged' lionel by drinking beer out of plastic Viking horns and other fun things.


Meeting old friends:    

 Meeting old friends. In New Caledonia i meet some of my friends from earlyer times. Erik on his big (and a little rusty) boat and Julien, Marien and now 3 month old son. 



 I am now home in my house in Farsund, Norway and back at work in the factory. I have only been home for a few days but are enjoying it. I might write more here or i might not, time will show.



      Last night on the boat...   

The new Viking





Good bye party

Kjell O. Stave


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